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Information for Consumers - Frequently Asked Questions

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Women who take prescribed medication for mental health difficulties are often concerned about how this may affect their baby. Frequently partners and family members are concerned as well. It is often safe to continue taking your medication. It is important to seek professional advice before stopping or making changes to your medication.

Further information on medication is available for download.

What if I need an inpatient admission?

View of a room at the Mother and Baby UnitKing Edward Memorial Hospital has a Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) on site. You can be referred to MBU if a mental health admission is required during pregnancy and/or the postnatal period. Your partner may even be able to stay with you on some weekends.

If an inpatient admission is likely you might like to plan for this with your partner or support person when you are well. You may like to decide who will look after your other children, who you would like to visit you, and which of your family and friends you would like to inform.

If your partner needs time off work to look after you and your family, the Childbirth and Mental Illness (CAMI) team may be able to provide a letter for their employer.

Further information on the Mother and Baby Unit is available for download.

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