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Childbirth and Mental Illness Services (CAMI)

Pre-conception Counselling at the Department of Psychological Medicine

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At your Childbirth and Mental Illness (CAMI) pre-conception appointment you will meet with one of our psychiatrists who specialises in women’s mental health, especially through the perinatal period (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and postnatal period).

You will discuss your:

  • plans for starting, or adding to, your family and the timing for this
  • obstetric history including any complications you may have had
  • mental health history, especially as it relates to childbirth and pregnancy
  • current medications and how these may affect you and your baby during the perinatal period
  • current supports and how they will be involved.

You are encouraged to bring your partner or support person with you to your appointments.

The CAMI psychiatrist will discuss with you medications and other treatment options and ways of improving your resilience during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. They will provide written feedback to you, your GP, and your mental health team.

Further information on pre-conception counselling is available for download.

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