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Childbirth and Mental Illness Services (CAMI)

Video Conferencing for mums and mums-to-be in rural WA

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The CAMI Service’s team of health-care professionals offer specialist support for women with a history of postpartum psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder type 1. Women with other complex mental health issues may also be eligible for this service, and referrers can discuss this with the triage officer.

Using video conference facilities, the CAMI team work in partnership with local clinicians to provide assessment and treatment recommendations for women in the perinatal period (during pregnancy and up to 12 months postnatally). Pre-conception counselling is also available and encouraged.

Case management and clinical decision making remains with local clinicians and a model of shared care may be applied where appropriate. Face to face appointments on site at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) can be arranged, if preferred.

Further information and referrals

Health professionals can direct any queries and/or referrals by phone, fax or email to Department of Psychological Medicine, KEMH.

Phone: 6458 1521
Fax: 6458 1111

Referral information should include:

  • diagnosis and treatment
  • past psychiatric history (including hospitalisations and treatments)
  • information regarding co-morbid drug and alcohol use
  • physical health problems, social supports, and risk assessment.

The triage officer will liaise with referrers to arrange an appointment as appropriate.

The clinic is scheduled to run on Fridays however there may be some flexibility according to need. Ideally the woman, her partner or support person, and a treating clinician should be present for the appointment. Initial assessments typically take 90 minutes and follow up appointments 30 minutes.

Adequate videoconferencing facilities should be available at the rural site in order to access the CAMI Service.

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