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PREM Bank Donor Screening Assessment Introduction

Thank you for your interest in becoming a milk donor to PREM Bank. To ensure donated milk is safe we ask all donors questions relating to health and lifestyle, similar to blood donor screening. Please be accurate and honest; if you do not register or complete the assessment, no information is stored. If you do register, your information remains strictly confidential.

This is a preliminary screening only. There are three steps.

Important Information for Using The PREM Bank Self-Assesment Screening Tool
The purpose of the PREM Bank Self Assessment Screening Tool is to identify potential donors to the PREM Bank human milk bank. This screening tool is provided as a simple guide to determine your suitability as a donor; completion of the assessment and subsequent registration does not guarantee or preclude you from donating milk to PREM Bank. If you choose to register with PREM Bank, your information will be forwarded to milk bank staff who will contact you in due time. Any information will be kept in strictest confidence and will only be used for assessment of suitability of becoming a PREM Bank donor. As with all internet transmissions, absolute security of your information cannot be guaranteed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact PREM Bank on (08) 6458 1260.
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