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King Edward Memorial Hospital

Statewide Obstetric Support Unit


Confidential advice, advocacy and support are available from SOSU for health professionals who provide maternity and neonatal services.

Support for Doctors: Contact Dr Diane Mohen
Phone (08) 6458 1604

Support for Midwives: Contact Terri-Lee Barrett
Phone (08) 6458 1604


There are a number of resources at KEMH that can assist medical, midwifery and neonatal nursing staff in their roles.

There is no longer a password to access on-line guidelines on the KEMH website:

Consultants in multi-disciplinary teams are happy to share advice and assist in the management of patients. There are multi-disciplinary teams at KEMH for higher risk groups of pregnant women:
  • adolescents
  • diabetes
  • complex medical problems
  • alcohol and substance abuse

There are helpful resources available from the KEMH website, such as a health professional educational package, and pamphlets for patients from the Diabetes Service at KEMH:

The Department of Psychological Medicine at KEMH provides treatment for pregnant women attending KEMH who have a psychiatric disorder in pregnancy or postnatal depression: Ph (08) 6458 1521), and the new Mother and Baby Unit functions as a statewide inpatient treatment centre for acute perinatal psychiatric conditions - Ph (08) 6458 1799; Freecall:1800 422 588.

Your Zone: This provides a detailed listing of free publications and videos on perinatal depression, anxiety and parenting. (see links)

Specialist advice for management of neonates is available from the Level III neonatal nursery, and via the KEMH website. (see links)

Neonatal Clinical Care Unit KEMH - Ph (08)6458 1262.
There is a perinatal loss service at KEMH who offer clinical information and advice on the management of women suffering from late miscarriages. Ph (08) 6458 2128.

The Department of Perinatal Pathology (see links)
The Perinatal Pathology Department at King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women (KEMH) offers a state-wide non-coronial perinatal post mortem examination service to families in Western Australia who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy. This includes generating mementos, in the form of photographs, handprints and footprints. A cremation service is available for stillborn babies of less than 28 weeks gestation.

Pastoral Care Services (see links)
The brochures on this site illustrate the range of pastoral, spiritual and ritual support options offered by Pastoral Care Services for those who experience the loss of a pregnancy or loss of a baby.

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Information about Financial assistance

The Australian Government offers a range of initiatives known as MedicarePlus (see the Medicare website via links).

PIP payment for rural and remote procedural GPs
One of the Medicare initiatives provides a Practice Incentives Program (PIP) payment for procedural general practitioners in rural and remote practices. This initiative acknowledges that GPs in rural and remote areas are often required to deliver a wide range of services in obstetrics, surgery and anaesthetics.

For a practice to be eligible for a PIP payment it must participate in the PIP, be located within the target area - Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Area classification (RRMAs) 3-7, and have at least one GP that provides one or more of the procedural services described in the definition of a procedural GP.

Practice Nurse/Allied Health Worker Incentive
The Practice Nurse and Allied Health Worker initiative aims to provide additional practice nurses and allied health workers to work in PIP general practices.

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Locum Support
The Rural Obstetrics and Anaesthetic Locum Scheme (ROALS) is a government-funded support program designed to supply affordable, quality locum relief to rural obstetricians and anaesthetists. Government funding of this project has been approved until to 30 June 2014. Eligible rural obstetricians and anaesthetists can access subsidised locum support for 14 days per financial year and can also apply for additional unsubsidised support.

For further details visit the ROALS website

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