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Professional Development Review

All nurses and midwives at KEMH are required to complete an annual professional development review (PDR). Your annual PDR may form part of the framework for your Professional Portfolio and also provides some of the evidence that would be required should you be selected for periodic audit by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

You are encouraged to utilise the PDR documents on a continuing basis by adding relevant information as it occurs throughout the year in preparation for your PDR. You should send these documents electronically to your reviewer (Clinical Manager or Clinical Development Midwife/Nurse) one week prior to your scheduled review date.

You will find documents that are specific to being a Midwife / Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse. Complete competencies relevant to your registration. The documents are the same for both ANF Level 1 and 2 staff as the competencies are the same. However it is expected that the responses that you provide to the questions included in the PDR are reflective of your level of experience.

Mandatory training

The mandatory training checklist allows you to document the completion of mandatory training requirements. This checklist and the accompanying evidence of completion (certificates) should be included in your PDR documentation. This checklist is applicable to all Nurses and Midwives at KEMH.

Mandatory training requirements


At KEMH there are a number of clinical skills that require successful completion of a competency process. Staff who have previously attained competency are not required to complete a new competency document. For those staff with previous undocumented competency, recognition of prior learning (RPL) should be discussed with their Manager and acknowledged on the competency checklist.

Participant instructions

  • Determine whether the competency is appropriate/achievable
  • Understand competency requirements and plan how you will achieve the requirements
  • Determine who competent staff are within your area
  • Discuss assessment report with supervisor prior to performing the competency
  • Complete competency requirements
  • Provide a copy to CDM/N for ALESCO recording of achievement
  • Retain competency documents in portfolio
  • Maintain competency checklist

Supervisor instructions

  • Ensure theoretical requirements (if applicable) have been completed
  • Assess level of experience and required supervision
  • Review assessment report prior to supervision to determine assessment requirements
  • Discuss and complete assessment report following supervision
  • If competency requirements have been met “sign off” Part A - requirements

Competency checklist

The competency checklist allows you to maintain a record of clinical competency skills that are relevant to you. This checklist and the accompanying evidence of achievements should be included in your PDR documentation.

Competency checklist

Competency documents

These are the current acceptable versions of KEMH competency requirements, records and assessment reports. Please contact your Clinical Development Midwife/Nurse or Clinical Midwifery/Nurse Consultant for more information if required.

Adult PIVC insertion - Part A Part B

Adult venepuncture - Part A Part B

Basic ultrasound scanning (midwives) - Part A Part B Part C Part D

Epidural analgesia administration - Part A Part B

Full physical examination of the Newborn - Part A Part B Part C Part D

IV Morphine - Part A Part B

Neonatal IV medication administration - Part A Part B

Perineal suturing - Part A Part B Part C Part D

Pap smear provider - refer to course facilitator

Rectus sheath analgesia administration - Part A Part B

Transcervical foley insertion:IOL - Part A Part B

Trophon™ competency - Part A Part B

Water birth - Part A Part B Part C


The PDR includes the following sections:

  • PDR meeting questions
  • National competency standards
  • CPD record
  • Continuing professional development plan (CPD)
  • Mandatory training
  • Clinical competencies
  • Breastfeeding education record
  • PDR summary questions

Level 1 & 2 PDR documents

Registered Nurse/Midwife Level 1 or 2

Enrolled Nurse

SRN PDR documents


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