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Midwifery Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been designed to answer those questions that midwives are commonly asked. The questions have been divided into the antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal periods.

Click on the question you would like answered. Questions have been answered based on the latest evidence based research.

    The Antenatal Period

  1. If I Choose KEMH, Whom Will I See as My Primary Health Care Provider?
  2. What is the Role of the Midwife in the Antenatal Period?
  3. What Should I do to Remain Healthy During My Pregnancy?
  4. When Should I Come into the Hospital?
  5. Can I Have a Vaginal Birth After a Caesarean Section (VBAC)?
  6. How Can I Prepare for the Labour and Birth?
  7. What is Optimal Foetal Positioning?
  8. What Happens if I am Overdue?
  9. My Baby is Breech (Bottom Down), What Does That Mean?

  10. Labour and Birth Time

  11. What is the Role of Pain in Labour and Birth?
  12. What Can I Expect from My Midwife During the Labour and Birth?
  13. What Care Can I Expect During Labour and Birth?
  14. What are the Best Positions to be in During Labour and Birth?
  15. What are the Stages of Labour?
  16. How Can You Tell Where My Labour is Up To?
  17. Can Tearing of the Perineum be Prevented?
  18. Do All Tears Need Stitching?

  19. The Postnatal Period

  20. How Do I Breastfeed?
  21. Do I Have to Breastfeed?
  22. Will the Baby Stay in the Room With Me?
  23. When Can I Expect to Be Going Home?
  24. Can My Partner Stay in the Room With Me?
  25. What is the Role of the Midwife in the Postnatal Period?
  26. When Do We Bath the Baby?
  27. Will I Get the Baby Blues?
  28. When Will I Stop Bleeding?

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