Genetics Counsellor Awareness Day

Obstetrics and General Genetic Services Team
Obstetrics and General Genetic Services Team
November 14, 2019

Here at Women and Newborn Heath Service, we are celebrating all things Genetics on Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day, Thursday 14 November.

Celebrated internationally, Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day aims to raise awareness about the profession and the valuable role they play in health care.

There are approximately 25 genetic counsellors working in various roles in WA alone, with the majority working at Genetic Services of WA, as part of the Women and Newborn Health Service.

Genetic Services WA is a state wide clinical genetics service providing full range of programs relevant to the modern practice of medical genetics.

Genetic counselling is a complex communication process which involves making or discussing a diagnosis, providing accurate information about a genetic disorder and options available to the patients, and considering the impact the information has on them and their families.

The profession is a rapidly evolving, dynamic allied health profession who work in many areas of medicine, such as familial cancer programs, cardiology, fertility, neurology, paediatrics, and prenatal. Many work directly with patients in various healthcare settings, while others do research or work in education, public health or in industry settings.

GSWA consists of 3 subspecialty sections:

  • Genetic Paediatric Services
  • Familial Cancer Program
  • Obstetrics and General Genetic Services.

For more information please visit the Genetic Services section of the website.