Midwifery student positions

Becoming a Midwife in Western Australia 

Midwifery courses are offered by several WA universities. You are encouraged to make contact with the Midwifery Course Coordinators at each of the universities to find out more about the course itself and clarify the university application process.

Nursing and Midwifery courses

  • Curtin University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Notre Dame

Midwifery Student Positions at KEMH

Nominations for midwifery student concurrent employment placements at KEMH are accepted through the Jobs WA website from July/August to  September. This is for positions starting in the following year.

To apply for a position you will need to include with your online application:
  • Curriculum vitae (including academic transcript)
  • Statements addressing the selection criteria
  • Names of Referees  (current supervisor or manager)
This is an online only application process. Ensure that you are well prepared with all necessary documentation prior to starting your application.

Applications and further information are available from the WA Government Jobs Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KEMH offer placements for midwifery students?


All midwifery students enrolled in courses at WA universities (Curtin, Edith Cowan & University of Notre Dame) are welcome to attend the hospital with their Continuity of Care (CCE) women.  All women need to have been informed and given their consent to this process for which each university has a policy in place.

Undergraduate midwifery students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Midwifery) at Curtin University complete selected placements at KEMH.  This is organised by the university who negotiate with the hospital on your behalf.  You need to speak with the Course Coordinator at the university about this.

Postgraduate midwifery students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Midwifery at Curtin University and the Master of Midwifery Practice at Edith Cowan University may be offered concurrent employment as a midwifery student for the 18 month clinical component of their course. 

You need to identify which university and which semester you are applying for when you lodge an application for employment with the hospital.

What experience is offered at KEMH?

KEMH is a tertiary maternity hospital with close to 6,000 births per year.  The hospital provides specialist services for women and babies with complex needs as well as normal birthing services for many healthy women.  Students rotate through all clinical areas including antenatal clinics, labour and birth suite/maternal fetal assessment unit, antenatal and postnatal wards, Visiting Midwifery Services in the community and the Neonatal Unit.  The hospital offers a range of maternity care models that students will be exposed to with a growing emphasis on continuity of care.

How do I apply for employment as a postgraduate midwifery student at KEMH?

To apply for concurrent employment as a midwifery student at KEMH, you will need to access the Midwifery Student pool, which is located on the WA Government Jobs Board.

The Pool opens in July/August and closes in September each year for applications to be processed for the following year’s intakes. 

If further positions become available the pool may re-open until all vacancies are filled.

How to access the Pool and apply:

  • Go to the WA Government Jobs Board
  • In the section heading  “Key Word Search or Reference Number” type in -  
    • 6530 (Curtin) or  
    • 6983 (ECU)
  • Click on ‘Search’
  • Click on the Job Title 
  • Click on ‘click here’ – which is near the bottom of the ad when you are ready to upload your details.
You will need to have your CV and other details as requested ready to be uploaded onto the website.

*Please remember to ring 1300 367 894 (select option 2) if you have difficulties with the website.

What is involved in the application process?

You will be asked to submit an up to date copy of your Curriculum Vitae, including two (2) relevant referees.  You should also include a copy of your academic transcript from nursing.

You will be provided with a Job Description for a midwifery student that includes Selection Criteria for you to address in writing.

Applicants will be shortlisted with those successful invited to attend an interview at the hospital.

How many students are employed by KEMH?

The number of students employed each year may vary according to the workforce situation at the hospital.

The number of intakes per year will also vary in response to requests from the university.

Can I apply for a midwifery student position without having worked as a Registered Nurse?

Each applicant is assessed on her/his own merit in their desire to become a midwife.  However as a tertiary hospital it is recognised that the acuity of the women and babies makes it necessary for us to limit the number of positions offered to new graduate nurses.

Will I be paid?

Payment is determined by the Registered Nurses, Midwives and Enrolled Mental Health Nurses – Australian Nursing Federation – WA Health Industrial Agreement in place at the time. 

Currently the following clause applies regardless of previous experience as a Registered Nurse:

Where a Health Service engages a nurse enrolled in a postgraduate program offered by a university (including midwifery and mental health nursing programs) for the purposes ofenabling completion of the practical component, that employee will be paid at Level 1.2 for the clinical time spent at the Health Service.

Award conditions apply as for any other employee with special reference included in the contract related to meeting university requirements:

Your performance evaluation will be undertaken in accordance with the university course requirements. If you do not achieve the required clinical or theoretical competence, your contract will be terminated.

Attendance at the university will be completed in your own time and be unpaid.

On completion of your midwifery studies you may be able to claim the midwifery qualification allowance.  You should accrue the time completed as a midwifery student and return to the pay level that is commensurate with this.

Will I be supernumerary?

There will be times when you are classified as supernumerary (i.e. not part of the staffing number)  however it is an expectation that you can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a Registered Nurse from commencement of employment. You will be allocated a gradual increase in caseload as the course progresses when you are considered to be part of the staffing number. A midwife or neonatal nurse will always be available for you to consult with about maternity care.

What shifts will I work?

You will be rostered for 2 shifts per week for the first 12 months of the course then 3 shifts per week during the final 6 months. This roster pattern may vary.

You will work a range of shifts including day, afternoon and night shifts over a seven day period.

You will be rostered off duty to attend pre-planned study sessions at the university.

Annual leave of up to 2 weeks will usually be pre-planned each semester but remains open to some negotiation.

Can I also work as a nurse outside of my midwifery student employment?

Some students will continue to work in alternative employment as a nurse. Your requirements to attend the university and complete your midwifery student roster need to be fulfilled before confirming any other work arrangements.

What support is offered at the hospital?

Midwives will act as preceptors/mentors and resource people in each clinical area. In addition the hospital employs Clinical Midwifery Facilitators, whose positions are partly funded by the universities, to provide clinical teaching, supervision and guidance.

What happens on completion of employment as a midwifery student?

The midwifery student contract is for a fixed term. KEMH offers a 12 month Graduate Midwife Program that you will be advised about during your time at the hospital. This program, as well as others in WA, are usually advertised through GradConnect in a similar way to Graduate Nurse Programs. While a graduate program is encouraged you are eligible to work as a midwife without completing this requirement.

I am NOT a Registered Nurse – what should I do?

KEMH does not employ midwifery students who are not Registered Nurses. You need to contact the universities to find out more about becoming a Registered Nurse and or Registered Midwife.

What happens next?

You should receive an acknowledgement for lodging your application.

You will be contacted to attend for an interview if you have been shortlisted. This is not expected to happen until October of each year unless unexpected vacancies arise at other times.

Please feel free to contact Janice Butt, Coordinator Midwifery Education at KEMH if you have any further questions or want to follow up on your application:

Email: Janice.Butt@health.wa.gov.au
Telephone: (08) 6458 3010