Multimedia resources

Multimedia resources developed by or applicable to WNHS to assist health professionals working with women and newborns to meet continuing professional development requirements. These resources will not provide certificates of completion, it is therefore recommended that staff maintain their own record.

Title Description Content Time Link
Adult IV cannulation video Video explaining the insertion of an adult IV cannulation using an aseptic non-touch technique
  • Correct handwashing and skin preparation
  • Preparation, patient and decontamination zones
  • Correct insertion technique
  • Vacutainer blood collection
  • Documentation
13.07 minutes Watch video
Antenatal Risk Questionnaire

Video demonstrating Psychosocial screening using the Antenatal Risk Questionnaire
  •  Simulated example of the questionnaire
 7:02 minutes  Watch video
K2 simulator training video Video explaining how to use the K2 training simulator
  • Familiarisation with the K2 simulator training tool
4.5 minutes Watch video

Neonatal resuscitation videos

 Videos available in the neonatal resuscitation eLearning package
  • Checking the CosyCot
  • Checking the Panda cot
  • Additional resuscitation equipment
  • Neonatal resuscitation - PPV
  • Neonatal resuscitation - CPR
9 minutes
8 minutes
8 minutes
3 minutes
5 minutes

NCCU virtual tour

Video virtual tour of NCCU for parents of small sick babies and at risk pregnancies

  • Familiarisation of NCCU developed and presented by NCCU

15 minutes

Watch video

Perinatal Anxiety Screening Scale (PASS)  

Video demonstrating a Clinical Psychologist completing the PASS with a pregnant woman.

  • PASS completion and referral process
6 minutes
Watch video

Responding to family and domestic violence in a health setting: role play examples.

A series of video role plays to demonstrate best practice when screening a client for family and domestic violence.

Role play 1:
Video role-play demonstrating a midwife screening a client for family and domestic violence in a antenatal setting.

Role play 2:
Video role-play of a health professional demonstrating culturally competent practice when screening a culturally and linguistically diverse patient for family and domestic violence.

Role play 1: Family and domestic violence screening role play in a maternity setting.


Role play 2: FDV screening role play – a middle eastern woman’s experience.

Role play 1:
6 mins


Role play 2:
7 mins

Watch role play 1


Watch role play 2

Responding to family and domestic violence: working with vulnerable groups.

This resource is comprised of two short interviews.

Interview 1:
An interview with an Aboriginal Health Worker providing culturally competent best practice guidelines when screening an Aboriginal client for family and domestic violence.

Interview 2:
An interview with a CaLD Health Worker providing culturally competent best practice guidelines when screening CaLD clients for family and domestic violence.

Interview 1:
Working with Aboriginal clients


Interview 2:
Working sensitively with migrant women who have experienced domestic violence

Interview 1:
7 mins

Interview 2:
7 mins

Watch interview 1


Watch interview 2

Introduction to ROTEM Video providing a minimum level of knowledge for health professionals to start using ROTEM in their clinical practice.
  • How does ROTEM work?
  • What do the results mean?
  • Types of tests
  • Limitations
  • Algorithm
  • Findings and management
20 minutes Rotem

WA Health Youtube channel

YouTube channel for the Department of Health, Western Australia

  • Various topics


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