Feedback, compliments and complaints

Consumer Liaison Service

The Consumer Liaison is responsible for the management of feedback, compliments and complaints about the services provided at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH). Your feedback is important because it lets us know what is working well and what can be improved. All feedback is welcome.

Consumers, patients, families, carers and visitors can access this service and provide feedback via phone, email, in person or in writing.

Translated Information

Pinahahalagahan naminanginyong Balik-puna - How to give feedback factsheet - Filipino

Waxaanu qiimaynaa Aragtidaada - How to give feedback factsheet - Somali

我们重视 您的反馈 - How to give feedback factsheet - Chinese

نحن نقدر لكم تعليقاتكم - How to give feedback factsheet - Arabic

مینک یم لابقتسا امش تارظن زا - How to give feedback factsheet - Farsi

Ý kiến phản hồi của quý vị quan trọng - How to give feedback factsheet - Vietnamese

How to give feedback factsheet - English


Share your feedback, compliments and complaints with us

Your feedback, compliments and complaints are extremely important to us because they let us know if our services are working well or not, and provides us with an opportunity to make improvements. All feedback is valued and welcomed.

Feedback, compliments and complaints can be provided in a number of ways:

  • Telephone (08) 6458 1444. Speak with a member of our experienced Consumer Liaison Service
  • Email
  • In person. Talk it though with the staff member involved or ask to speak to a more senior member of staff. You can also ask for a Consumer Liaison Service Feedback Form, all staff can assist you to fill this in.
  • In writing: Consumer Liaison Service, Executive Corridor, 1st Floor A Block, King Edward Memorial Hospital, 374 Bagot Road, Subiaco WA 6008
  • Complete our Feedback form.

What information can you provide?

The information you provide will assist us to understand your feedback, compliment or complaint. As much as you can, please provide specific details for the following:

  • What occurred; details of the event.
  • When it occurred; date, time.
  • Where it occurred, hospital, ward, clinic, Emergency Centre, etc.
  • Who was involved, Doctor, Midwife, Ward Clerk, etc.
  • What you would like to happen as a result of sharing your feedback.

If you wish to be contacted regarding your feedback, compliment or complaint please provide your contact details and preferred method / time of contact.

Timeframes for complaints

The WA Complaint Management Policy states that a formal complaint should be:

  • Acknowledged and sent for investigation within 5 working days; and
  • Responded to within 30 working days (approximately 6 weeks).

In more complex complaints the Consumer Liaison Team stay in touch with the complainant regarding progress of the complaints that are unable to be resolved within this timeframe.

Urgent clinical issues or complaint?

People with urgent clinical problems, current care concerns and discharge worries are referred to discuss these issues with a senior member staff or their treating team in the first instance; however, in some instances the Consumer Liaison Team can advocate on the patient's behalf. 

Care Opinion

Share your story to help make our health service better!

Care Opinion Australia

King Edward Memorial Hospital remains committed to strengthening our engagement and partnership with patients, carers, staff and our community. As a key priority and goal, we are focussed on being accountable for our actions and decision-making, and remaining transparent when we communicate with our stakeholders and each other.

We are convinced that being aware of patients' experiences - good or bad - is essential to improving the quality of the health services we provide.

To better listen to the voice of the patient, KEMH and the wider North Metropolitan Health Service is now registered with a feedback service dedicated to health services called Care Opinion (formally Patient Opinion Australia) – a registered not-for-profit charitable institution that provides an online social media platform for those who wish to provide their opinion about a hospital care experience – be it their own, or that of someone they know.

It provides a platform for contributors to have real exchanges with their health care providers and enables us to:

  • Hear the patient/public voice
  • Have open and transparent dialogue between the public and ourselves
  • Utilise feedback to help services improve
  • Create a different kind of relationship –equal, collaborative and transparent
  • Engage on the public’s terms within a public domain
  • Engage in real exchanges with the public.

Care Opinion is just one avenue for patients, carers and stakeholders to provide feedback about their hospital/health service journey or experience. It does not replace existing patient complaint and compliments processes that exist throughout the Health Service’s hospital or health care network.

Contributors are able to hear directly from nominated, senior health service/hospital staff, including executive directors, who will respond to patient stories through the Care Opinion website. A record of any changes made to improve the services we provide will also be included.

Care Opinion will assign each post a criticality rating – which determines the timeframe in which we should respond.

Posts with a story of:

  • 0-3 critical rating are immediately published on the Care Opinion website and response is required within 1 working day
  • 4-5 critical rating are not immediately published on the Care Opinion website and a response is required within 5 working days.

We are able to negotiate an extension for stories with a critical rating of 4-5; however response extensions are not granted for critical ratings between 0 and 3.

We encourage our patients, carers and health service community to let us know about their hospital or health care experience by placing their story on the Care Opinion website or contacting the relevant hospital or health service’s patient liaison team. Please share your story (external site) so we know what we’re doing right, and what we can improve.

It’s easier than ever for young people to share their own experiences too, using the ‘Tell Monkey Your Story’ (external site) feature of the website.

Visit Care Opinion Australia (external site) or call 1300 662 996 to find out more. 

We are committed to improving and enhancing the services we provide to make everyone’s hospital or health care journey the best it can be.

More information

Open Disclosure

If complaints are also clinical incidents there is a requirement for open disclosure.

Freedom of Information

For the management of the Freedom of Information (FOI) process please contact the FOI team: 

Further information is available here.

Referrals and enquiries 

For the management of the Referrals please contact:

Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Find out more about how consumers and community members are involved in our services here.

Changes in patient details

For the management of changes in patient records please contact the Central Patient Index (CPI) on (08) 6458 1313 or email

New Birth Certificates

Can be obtained from Births, Deaths and Marriages. Forms are available from the Justice Department website at

Private patient information

For private patient information please contact the Private Patient Liaison:


For the management of legal action or for information about the medico-legal process please contact medico-legal services through the switchboard on (08) 6458 2222.

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Care Opinion Australia