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Hanna Burbidge
Hanna Burbidge, Senior Dietician
May 5, 2020

Congratulations to March Employee of the Month Award winner, Senior Dietician, Hanna Burbidge.

Hanna was nominated for the wonderful contribution she makes to the day to day operations of KEMH by being empathic and sensitive to colleagues and patients alike.

As a dietician, Hanna is passionate about women’s health and is always willing to spend extra time with those who need it. Hanna is also a valued member of the Staff Wellness Committee, spending hours of her own time creating questions for the bi-annual quiz night, preparing healthy smoothies for Women’s Health Week, and recently creating ‘Wellness Packs’ to provide staff with opportunities to stop for mindfulness during their breaks.

Hanna’s nominee said: "I believe anyone who crosses paths with Hanna would feel better for it. She inspires, cares, and is a wonderful role model for staff here at WNHS."

Hanna will receive a $150 voucher thanks to our generous award sponsors PaywiseHESTA, SmartSalaryand Stateplus.

Congratulations Hanna!

A special thanks to our generous sponsors: Paywise Salary PackagingHESTASmartsalary and StatePlus.

If you've had a great experience with one of our staff members why not put them forward for an award? Next time you are onsite ask how you can submit a nomination.