Family and Domestic Violence Toolbox

Women’s Health Strategy and Programs (WHSP), Women and Newborn Health Service, provides guidance, resources and training to WA Health staff in the area of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) and Gender-based Violence/Honour-based Violence.  WHSP produces the Guideline Responding to Family and Domestic Violence, which provides best practice guidance on identifying and responding to FDV in a health service.

WHSP also provides family and domestic violence (FDV) education and training for WA Health staff. The education and training program is for staff to assist with early identification, responding to and referrals for people experiencing FDV.

What is Family and Domestic Violence?

Family and domestic violence (FDV) is a pattern of ongoing, repetitive and purposeful use of physical, emotional, social, financial and/or sexual abuse used to intimidate and instil fear. Such behaviour enables the one person to control and have power over another person in an ‘intimate’ or family relationship.

It is behaviour which results in physical, sexual and/or psychological damage, forced social isolation, economic deprivation, or behaviour which causes the victim to live in fear. The term is usually used where abuse and violence take place in intimate partner relationships including same sex relationships, between siblings, from adolescents to parents or from family carers to a relative or a relative with a disability.

Guideline: Responding to Family and Domestic Violence

The guideline Responding to Family and Domestic Violence (PDF) assists WA Health clinicians in identifying, responding and referring individuals who present to public health services experiencing family and domestic violence (FDV). The Guideline was last updated December 2019.

Guideline - quick summary information sheets:

Screening, Assessment and Referral forms

The Screening (FDV950) and Assessment (FDV951) forms can be ordered via the online ordering catalogue (PMG Online), or for WACHS clinicians via iProc.  The Referral for Family and Domestic Violence form (FDV952) is a print-only form.

The medical record numbers (MRN) are standard across all WA Health sites. For further queries, please contact

Supporting Employees who are victim survivors of FDV

Each Health Services Provider has procedures for leave entitlements following the WA Government Implementation Guidelines. (See the Premier's Circular 2017/07 Family and Domestic Violence, paid leave and workplace support).  For further information on how to support employees experiencing FDV, go to the Supporting Employees Experiencing FDV – A Guide For Managers. WHSP also provides training to Managers on this topic, go to the FDV Training page for further information.

For personal counselling and / or support, please visit the Employee Assistance Program pages. (Available to staff only)

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