EMHS Research Strategy

EMHS considers research to be central to advancing healthcare and to realising our vision of Healthy people, amazing care – Koorda moort, moorditj kwabadak.

We are proud of our outstanding history of clinical research and innovation which continues today with our passionate researchers providing EMHS patients access to cutting edge clinical trials, advanced cell therapies for rare diseases and custom 3D printed medical implants, as well as new models of care and refined practices by the bedside.

However, there is always more to be done to respond to the changing demographics and healthcare needs of our community and to address inequities in health outcomes.

Research focus areas

In line with the state government’s WA Health and Medical Research Strategy 2023-2033, EMHS has defined three research focus areas that leverage our unique services and capabilities to best contribute to a vibrant WA health and medical research sector:

  • EMHS recognises the need to leverage rapidly advancing technology in the service of healthcare and has invested heavily in developing our Health in a Virtual Environment (HIVE) service, firm in the belief that digital technology and data sciences, including Artificial Intelligence, can improve both quality of care and access to specialist services across our massive state. Research is critical to developing safe and effective digitally enabled healthcare and for this reason EMHS has made Community and Virtual Care one of its three research focus areas.
  • As one of WA’s largest providers of mental health services, EMHS recognises there is a lack of mental health research capacity across our state, at a time when demand for mental health care is increasing. For this reason, we have made Improving Mental Health another research focus area.
  • Finally, as home to the State Major Trauma Service and with outstanding emergency, intensive care and radiology research teams, Improving Outcomes from Major Trauma is our third research focus area.

Implementation Plan

The EMHS Research Strategy and Innovation Plan 2024-2028 will guide the development of research capacity and capability and strategically driven translatable research outcomes to achieve improved healthcare outcomes for our community.

Our Goal for Research

Research Improves Health Kadidjiny Warlang Moort

To improve the health of our community and deliver amazing care by becoming a leader in clinical and translational research enabled by data and digital technology.

Our Approach

An Implementation Plan established on five pillars:

  1. Enablers
  2. Collaboration
  3. Training
  4. Communications
  5. Leadership

Key Drivers and Trends

Learning from our Experience, Communities and Environment

Building on our history and strengths, learning from community, and capitalising on emerging trends and opportunities.



Last Updated: 09/05/2024