Support and counselling

It can be helpful to talk to someone supportive and unbiased while you consider your personal circumstances to make the best decision for your situation. It's also helpful to reach out to trusted people in your network of support, such as friends or family members.

The following services in WA have been engaged by the WA Health Department to provide free, unbiased counselling, information and support for those considering their options around contraception, unplanned pregnancies and abortion.


Sexual Health Quarters, Perth (external site)
Tel: (08) 9227 6177

Desert Blue Connect (Geraldton) (external site)
Tel: (08) 996 42742

Goldfields Women’s Health Care Association Inc (Kalgoorlie) (external site)
Tel: (08) 9021 8266

South West Women’s Health and Information Centre (Bunbury) (external site)
Tel: (08) 9791 3350 or Free call 1800 672 350


The following websites may also have helpful information to assist you:

Pregnancy, birth and baby (external site)

HealthDirect (external site)

The Royal Women’s Hospital (external site)


Are you at risk of family and domestic violence?

If you are experiencing abuse or violence in your relationship, there is help and support available for you. Unfortunately, violence in intimate partner relationships can occur for the first time, during pregnancy. Violence or abuse, if already existing in a relationship, can increase during pregnancy and place you at increased risk of serious harm.

Perpetrators may also try to control your decision making around the pregnancy, attempting to force you to end the pregnancy, or continue the pregnancy, against your wishes.

Your health care team will ask questions about your safety and relationships. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are experiencing violence or abuse, as they can help you and provide you with support.

The following services are available:

Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline (external site)
Tel: (08) 9223 1188 or 1800 007 339

Crisis Care (external site)
Tel: (08) 9223 1111 or Free call 1800 199 008

1800RESPECT (external site)
Tel: 1800 737 732

If you or your unborn child is in immediate risk, please call WA Police at 000.

If your pregnancy is the result of a sexual assault, please let your health care team know as they can provide you with support and talk about your options.

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)
Tel: (08) 6458 1828 or Free call 1800 199 888


Information for family and friends supporting you

Support is also available for family and friends supporting pregnancy choices via the counselling services mentioned above.

Support persons may choose to look at online resources for information. While there are many good informative websites available, misinformation can cause confusion.

Information on the following websites from across Australia may be of help:

Pregnancy, birth and baby (external site)

The Royal Women’s Hospital (external site)

MensLine Australia (external site)
Tel: 1300 78 99 78

SANDS group support (external site)

Last Updated: 10/10/2022