I have Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is an accumulation of excess fluid in one or more parts of the body and is caused by damage to the lymphatic system.

Surgery for various Gynaecological cancers often requires the surgical removal of lymph nodes or radiation, which increases your risk of developing lymphoedema in the legs or vulva.

A lymphoedema Physiotherapist will complete a detailed assessment, including bio-impedance spectroscopy to assess your fluid levels.

You will be taught specific strategies to management your lymphoedema. These may include:

  • Specialised massage techniques
  • Exercises options
  • The use of compression garments
  • Compression pumps

Good management of lymphoedema is essential to reduce the risk of the swelling increasing and impacting your daily life.

If you think you are at risk of Lymphoedema, please ask your KEMH doctor to refer you to the Lymphoedema Physiotherapist.

Alternatively, if you have surgical removal of your lymph nodes at KEMH, please call (08) 6458 2790 to book an appointment.



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Last Updated: 17/12/2021