Women and Newborn Drug and Alcohol Service (WANDAS)

Role of service

The Women and Newborn Drug and Alcohol Service (WANDAS) at WNHS provides specialist clinical services and professional support in the care of pregnant women with complex alcohol and other drug (AOD) use issues. It utilises a multidisciplinary team approach to advance their health and well-being and the medical needs of their infants. Pregnant AOD dependent women will benefit from specialist assessments and treatment via a skilled multidisciplinary team such as WANDAS. This service is available to women from across Western Australia.


Clinical inclusion

  • Current and significant AOD use.
  • Abstinent from AOD, but still requiring support from specialist team/services.
  • Pregnant women currently in prison with a significant history of AOD dependency.
  • Self referral - antenatal women can self-refer directly to the WANDAS Clinical Midwifery Consultant via mobile 0414892753.


Clinical exclusion

WANDAS does not accept referrals after 36 weeks’ gestation. Please refer urgently to WNHS at KEMH Antenatal Clinic after discussion with the On Call Obstetrics Registrar via Switchboard (08) 6458 2222.


Required referral information

Information on the referral should include pregnancy details, the type of AOD use and any relevant psychosocial history. Please discuss all referrals with the woman and obtain her consent prior to sending the referral.


Urgent referral

Please contact the WANDAS Midwife via WANDAS Service mobile 0414892753.


Referral process

The WANDAS Clinical Midwifery Consultant triages all referrals and decides when the first booking visit is made.

An early booking is beneficial for AOD using pregnant women. This enables first or second trimester screening, ultrasounds, antenatal blood tests, and allows early intervention and referral to Community Support Services and AOD treatment. Send referral to WNHS as early as possible, ideally before 12 weeks’ gestation.

Complete the KEMH Antenatal referral Form (PDF), or own software template including detailed information.

Indicate WANDAS service on the form and attach required information for WANDAS Clinic Referral.

Send referral to WNHS Referrals Co-ordinator via:

Email: KEMH.Referrals@health.wa.gov.au
In subject line write “WANDAS Referral, Patient surname”
Fax: (08) 6458 1031
Healthlink: not yet available


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Last Updated: 25/10/2023