Systems training

WA Health utilises a variety of computer and information systems. Training resources are available for some of these systems.


Managers Module  |   Notifiers Module

Clinical Incident Management System (Datix CIMS) The Clinical Incident Management System is a reporting system developed to ensure the appropriate management of clinical incidents to prevent or reduce future harm to patients/consumers.


  • Patient Safety Culture
  • What is a clinical incident
  • Severity Assessment Codes (SAC)
  • Different types of clinical incidents
  • Your role when dealing with a clinical incident
  • The WA Health Datix CIMS
  • The benefits of using the WA Health Datix CIMS to report and learn from clinical incidents
  • Notify a clinical incident using the WA Health Datix CIMS

EBM Healthpoint (15-30 minutes)

Enterprise bed management web application.



  • Bed manager
  • Direct admitter
  • ED and Liaison clerk
  • Interhospital transfer
  • Transit lounge ward staff
  • Ward staff

eOrder EL  |  eOrder Healthpoint (15-30 minutes)

Explains eOrder - an electronic bedside ordering, collection and labelling system accessed via a tab in iCM. eOrder designed for ED staff to select a patient in iCM, quickly place an electronic pathology request for them and then collect the correct samples from the tube guidance provided by the system.

Training located in Moodle – email: for access.



  • Phlebotomists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses/Midwives

eReferral EL (internet explorer only)  |  eReferral Healthpoint (15-30 minutes)

Explains eReferral - an enterprise web-based application designed to manage consults from creation to completion. The solution supports management of medical, allied health, and nursing inpatient and outpatient referrals within and across sites. Completed referrals are published to iSoft Clinical Manager (iCM). eReferrals allows the capture of billing activity around Bed Cards, and referrals responses offered by “arrangement A” Consultants on compensable patients.


  • eReferrals workflow
  • View, update and manage referrals
  • Report on status
  • Track progress
  • Access referrals

iCM,CPOE EL (view on IE only)  |  iCM,CPOE Healthpoint (15-30 minutes)

iSoft clinical manager and computerised provider order entry training.


  • Place orders
  • Copy orders
  • Use global order sets
  • Discontinue or cancel orders
  • Re-print requisitions

A web-based product, iProcurement is the easiest way of ordering goods and services in WA Health (intranet only).

Procurement and contract management training with customised programs available for anyone in the WA health system.

Visit the Healthpoint page for more information: Open link


Open link

MyHR is a web self service facility that gives you access to your key personal and payroll information online (intranet only).


3 training modules

  • Introduction to MyHR (17 minutes)
  • For employees (17 minutes)
  • For managers (24 minutes)

NaCS Healthpoint   |   NaCS EL (view on IE only) (1-2 hours)

Explains the notifications and clinical summary state wide electronic discharge summary application.

Clinician and Pharmacist modules.


  • Purpose and benefits
  • Create, change and complete discharge summaries
  • Create and print a prescription
  • Access My Health Record

Picture Archive and communication system (PACS) is a computer network system used for electronic storage, retrieval, distribution and display of medical images.


Introduction and instructions on how to use the IMPAX system.

PGME attendance tracker system


Post graduate medical education (PGME) bar code tracking system to accurately record medical attendance at any educational meetings facilitated through KEMH.


Open link (2 hours)

RoStar is WA Health’s rostering and time-keeping system, tracking the actual hours worked by employees (intranet only).


Introduction to Rostar:

  • Creating rosters
  • Editing rosters
  • Authorise actual hours (sign off)

Open link

Stork is the clinical perinatal database used by WA public health services providing maternity services. Stork provides a single point of clinical data collection about women giving birth (intranet only).


  • Face to face training
  • Self-directed video demonstrations
Additional HSS Clinical Applications