Pregnancy care options

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Women and Newborn Health Service, incorporating King Edward Memorial Hospital, the Family Birth Centre and the Community Midwifery Program.

Every birth is a special and unique event and you should receive care that meets your needs throughout pregnancy, birth and in the days after you and your baby go home.

Depending on your individual needs, and where you wish to give birth, there are a variety of pregnancy options available including the Family Birth Centre, Community Midwifery Program, Midwifery Group Practice (hospital based), Antenatal Midwifery Clinics, Shared Care with your own GP, and Private Obstetric Doctor Care.

King Edward Memorial Hospital

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) offers world-class care and wide-ranging support services to WA women with complicated pregnancies, infants born prematurely and those who live locally. Women experiencing a complex or ‘high-risk’ pregnancy may be referred to KEMH for their pregnancy care. Women who are not high-risk but want to receive care at KEMH must live within specific postcode areas. To view a current list visit (external site).

See: Attending KEMH for pregnancy care.

Osborne Park Hospital
Open Women and Newborn Service at Osborne Park Hospital.
Community Midwifery Program

The Community Midwifery Program (CMP) can support you to have your baby in a public hospital, at the Family Birth Centre or in your own home within the metropolitan area. 

The CMP offers a unique service to Perth women experiencing a low risk pregnancy. The CMP provides safe, evidence-based, continuity of care from known midwives throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and for two to four weeks in the postnatal period. 

The CMP midwives hold antenatal/ postnatal clinics and classes in various locations across Perth in order to keep your care within the community. These locations include Joondalup, Kalamunda, Subiaco, Cockburn and Rockingham.

The CMP pride themselves in protecting, promoting and supporting natural birth with a high percentage of clients choosing to give birth in water.

Midwifery Group Practice

Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) provides women with pregnancy care from the same small group of midwives. Women are cared for by the same midwives for the duration of their pregnancy, labour and birth and in postnatal period. 

Women choosing this model of care may birth in the Family Birth Centre for low risk pregnancies, or in the main hospital.

Family Birth Centre

The Family Birth Centre (FBC) provides care for healthy women for whom a straight forward, low-risk pregnancy and birth is anticipated. The FBC is a home-like environment, care is midwifery led only and available to women from anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area. Due to high demand, it is recommended women book early as places at the FBC are limited. 

Certain health issues may preclude some women from attending the FBC. If you’re unsure about whether you can attend please check with the FBC midwives. 

Hospital Antenatal Midwifery Clinics
Women with uncomplicated pregnancies may choose to have their care with midwives at the Antenatal Clinic and deliver in the hospital. Clinic appointments are available Monday to Saturday including Wednesday evening. 
Shared care

This option enables you to continue appointments with your General Practitioner (GP) during your pregnancy. After seeing the midwife/doctor at KEMH for your initial visit, you are then seen by a GP of your choice who is eligible to participate in shared care until approximately 36-38 weeks.

View the list of GPs offering shared care.

Antenatal Clinic – Obstetric Doctor Care

This type of antenatal care is only available to women who have:

  • a complicated medical history 
  • had a previous pregnancy requiring specialist care and/or hospitalisation 
  • a pregnancy that is not progressing normally.
  • a multiple pregnancy e.g. twins. 

Some women are transferred from midwifery or shared care to obstetric doctor care if problems occur.

Private Patients
KEMH has a Private Patient Program available to those patients with appropriate (maternity cover if having a baby) private health insurance who visit our regular clinics but would like the opportunity to make their stay in hospital a little more comfortable.