Adolescent Clinic

The Adolescent Clinic at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) provides care to adolescents who are under 18 years of age and in their first ongoing pregnancy. Care focuses on the special needs of teenagers and promotes a physically and emotionally safe pregnancy and birth experience.


A referral from a General Practitioner (GP) is required for an appointment at the Adolescent Clinic and your first appointment is usually at about 17 weeks of pregnancy. Please bring with you any blood tests or ultrasound results. 

The Adolescent Clinic team 

The team consists of doctors, midwives, home support midwife, parent education midwives, social workers, clinical psychologists and receptionists. You can see a dietitian and a physiotherapist if required. 

East Wing Clinic visits 

The Adolescent Clinic is held on Wednesday afternoon in the East Wing Clinic. The environment is friendly and you are invited to use the range of services provided. Your visits to the clinic are important so that a doctor or midwife can check the progress of your pregnancy to ensure both you and your baby are healthy. Partners, parents or other support persons are welcome to attend the clinic with you. 

A social worker will see you on your first visit and will offer you support throughout your pregnancy. They can assist you with adjustment to pregnancy and parenting and can help with practical issues e.g. baby gear and finances. 

The parent education midwives will invite you and your partner or support person to attend childbirth and parenting classes. They will also see you individually at the clinic to discuss labour, pain relief, birth, feeding and parenting. Hospital tours are available on Wednesdays by appointment. 

Clinical psychologists from the Psychological Medicine team can provide you with support when there are mental health issues related to your pregnancy or adjustment to motherhood. They also screen for postnatal depression and anxiety and can provide postnatal support when appropriate.

Home support midwife 

You will meet your home support midwife at the Antenatal Clinic. She will visit you at home towards the end of your pregnancy and will provide you with valuable support after your baby is born. She can help you with a wide range of postnatal concerns for you and your baby. She will link you with community and education services available for young mothers in your area. The home support midwife can be contacted on: 

Tel: (08) 6458 2738 (answering machine)
Mobile: 0414 227 949 or 0416 729 358 

Postnatal appointment 

You will be given an appointment to return to the clinic after your baby is born. This is an opportunity for further discussion on parenting issues and contraception.

Auslan/Interpreter Services 

These services can be arranged for adolescents with hearing difficulties or those from a non-English speaking background. 

Services offered to adolescents

  • Support and care during your pregnancy 
  • guided tour of the hospital 
  • information about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting 
  • home visiting midwife services 
  • assistance with practical issues such as baby gear and accommodation 
  • four-week postnatal follow-up at the clinic 
  • assistance with contraception 
  • counselling and support services 
  • opportunities to meet other young mothers 
  • advice on further education. 

Contact us

Tel: (08) 6458 1379 (ask for an Adolescent Clinic Midwife)

Home support midwife

Tel: (08) 6458 2738 (answering machine)
Mobile: 0414 227 949 or 0416 729 358