Genetic Services of Western Australia

Genetic Services of Western Australia (GSWA) is a state-wide service providing clinical genetic services in Western Australia. GSWA provides a comprehensive state-wide diagnostic and confidential counselling service in clinical genetics.

The service is located across two sites; King Edward Memorial Hospital and Perth Children's Hospital. There is also a network of metropolitan and country outreach clinics.

GSWA consists of three subspecialty divisions:

  • Obstetrics and General Genetic Services
  • Familial Cancer Program
  • Genetic Paediatric Services.
Clients are primarily referred to GSWA by GPs, specialists, or hospital inpatient wards/outpatient clinics. Self-referrals may be accepted in some instances.


There is no charge for accessing our services if you have a Medicare card.

Medicare item numbers for breast and/or ovarian cancer gene testing

From 1 November 2017 new Medicare item numbers apply for some cancer gene tests and can be ordered directly by specialists without a referral to GSWA.

Please read the following link if you are a clinician and wish to understand the criteria for ordering Medicare rebated breast and/or ovarian cancer gene testing.

Please read the following link if you have breast and/or ovarian cancer or have a strong family history of these cancers and wish to find out how you can access genetic testing.


General Practitioners, Private Specialists and WA Country Health Service clinicians:

Non-immediate outpatient referrals

Referrers will need to complete one of the standardised referral forms and send it to the Central Referral Service (CRS) via:

  • Fax: 1300 365 056
  • Healthlink Secure Messaging: crefserv
  • Postal address: 
    PO Box 3462
    Midland WA 6056

Immediate referrals (seen within 7 days)

Please refer to instructions under ‘Public Metropolitan Health Services’ below.

Public Metropolitan Health Services

A referral letter or consult request should be sent to GSWA specifying the reason for referral and referring doctor’s name and address.

Include the following patient information:

  • full name (including maiden name if relevant)
  • current address and contact details
  • date of birth
  • relevant personal or family history
  • other medical information that may be relevant
  • copies of relevant test results.

Please make sure the patient completes the family history questionnaire (PDF 261KB).

Please ensure that the client is informed of the referral to GSWA. Once the referral has been received, a genetic counsellor will contact the client to obtain further details and arrange an appointment.

If you are considering a referral, please read the referral guidelines for clinicians.

GSWA consent forms can also be filled out prior to the client’s appointment:

Genetic Services of WA

Contact us

Familial Cancer Program
Tel: (08) 6458 1603 
Fax: (08) 6458 1725 

General Paediatric Services
Tel: (08) 6458 1625 
Fax: (08) 6458 1685 

Obstetrics and General Genetics
Tel: (08) 6458 1525 
Fax: (08) 6458 1678 


Agnes Walsh House (Level 3 and 4)
374 Bagot Road
Subiaco Western Australia 6008